Archives for May 17, 2009

Slim of Multi-Platinum Group 112 Releases Video for 3rd Single from Solo Album “Love’s Crazy” called “Heels On”

Slim of multi-platinum group 112 releases 3rd single from M3/Asylum “Love’s Crazy.” New single “Heels On” featuring Ron Brownz and Deezo creates massive buzz at radio. Steamy video hits airwaves and internet.

The show must go on. ABC confirms 4th season of Ugly Betty.

A while back, I thought I read they were canceling Ugly Betty but I read in the LA Times that the show has indeed been renewed for a fourth season.

Alannis Morissette to play Nancy Botwin’s OB/GYN on Showtime’s “Weeds” Season 5

Yes, you heard that correct, Alanis Morissette will be a recurring guest actor on the upcoming season of “Weeds” Season 5. The Showtime series kicks off in just a few weeks, on June 8. She will be playing the role of Dr. Audra Kitson, Nancy Botwin’s OB/GYN.