Throwback Friday- Guy “Let’s Chill”


I was all set to post a totally different song this week, but then I had the pleasure of meeting mega hit producer and singer Teddy Riley this week, and I’ve been on this Guy kick ever since.  Talk about boy bands that were HOT, Teddy Riley and the Hall brothers (Aaron Hall, Damion Hall) who formed the group Guy exploded in 1988 with their self titled debut album.  The sizzle didn’t simmer when they released their sophomore album “The Future.”  Ladies, these were the jams you listened to in your bedroom all dreamy eyed over some crush.  They’re one of the few groups that could do the slower ballads and also the fast dance jams.

“Let’s Chill,” from The Future album, in particular seemed to sum up so perfectly those butterfly feelings you have when you were crushin’ on someone.  Whether you were chillin’ together privately or the song came on at the club and you got your slow grind on, the song seemed to just set the mood for the night.

Without further ado, enjoy this week’s Throwback Friday song by Guy “Let’s Chill.”

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  1. aw (pronounced "A Dub") says:

    sweet! What about having folks leave a comment or somehow vote for the throwback of the week or the month? They can even send in videos clips or images supporting their picks.

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