Wait! There really are superheroes!

shadowhare I was just watching NBC Channel 4 News in Columbus, OH and they ran a story about some guy that dresses up like a superhero in Cincinnati and helps the police “fight” crime.  You know I had to google this.

So his superhero name is Shadowhare and his real name is Clark Kent…lol…no, it’s…actually I don’t know.  I do know he’s 21 years old and belongs to a nationwide network called the “Allegiance of Superheroes.” Just ordinary citizens trying to do their parts to help keeps our streets safe.

Shadowhare on myspace- myspace.com/shadow_hare

NBC Channel 5 News Cincinnati story (video that I’ve posted here)- CINCINNATI SUPERHERO PATROLS STREETS FIGHTING CRIME

World Superhero Registry


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