90s Love Tour with Dru Hill, Silk, Kelly Price, and Adina Howard. Best concert I’ve seen in a while!!!

I don’t have the juice left in me to write a full post, but I just want to put a few words out there about tonight.

Columbus, Ohio y’all finally did me proud!  I enjoyed each and every performer tonight at the Palace Theater.  Despite some technical difficulties with the mics, and the fact that the groups as a unit didn’t transition well (funny how that makes me think of Diddy on MTV’s Making The Band, stage presence, choreography, and delivery are sooooo important for a show), their actual song performances were HOT!!!


I mean Adina Howard, Miss “Tee shirt and my panties on” warmed up the stage.  She’s right.  She was one of the originals to bring the nasty to the ladies side of RnB before Lil Kim, Beyonce and others brought the skanky to the table.


Then Silk hit the stage.  “There’s a meeting in my bedroom!” …oh my!!!  I forgot how many hits they had back in the day.


Kelly Price really won my heart.  That lady can S-A-N-G!!!!!  You feel every word she sings.  For some reason, I don’t think I owned her cds back in the day, but I shall be downloading at least her most popular one shortly.  What I liked about her was that she was very positive and uplifting in her delivery with interludes that told stories about real moments in life complimented by songs that let you go there with her.  She was definitely met with opposition when she first stepped forward on her own after being a backup singer for years.  They gave her a hard time about her weight, and that came through in her message, but not in that over the top Oprah kind of way.  There were people in the crowd yelling that they wanted her show on tape because it was that inspiring.  She stayed even after the show at a booth selling her book and new cd that I’m assuming she was signing.  That was probably my moment, but I wasn’t feeling like being in line at that point.


“Walks by me every day
Her and love are the same
The woman that’s stolen my heart
And beauty is her name
I’m hoping I can make you mine
‘For another man steals your heart
And once this beauty is mine
I swear we will never be apart”

And…let me catch my breath….Dru Hill y’all!!!!  That took me back to Blount Towers at Morgan State freshman year playing spades in the lobby.  Like any artist when they make it big while you’re in their home town, the vibe is uber contagious.  They raised the roof for those who stayed, and I was surprised, other than because of the time, that some people had started to trickle out.  How can you miss Dru HillSisqo was there!!!!  He’s still HOT as hell!!!  I don’t care if he likes what I like or not, the man can sing and perform and his short self is still sexy.  Nokio was sexy, too, and just eating up the attention from the ladies!  Nokio was the last to leave the stage, that’s how much fun he was having.  While Sisqo did Thong Song as a solo artist, I just wish he at least gave us a taste of it during the performance.  I would have had to get Baltimore on them for a minute!  LOL!  😎  They have lost members over the years and there was some beef they alluded to which let to a contest and a new member addition, but I’ll have to google the details a little later.  They also tried a few new songs, but people weren’t feeling it and started to move away from the stage.  They tore it up with their performance of Beauty, one of my fav songs by Dru Hill.

Columbus doesn’t tend to get big artists touring through town very often which probably made this ideal for oldheads like these 4 (although their careers are all still going strong) to tour through here, but they definitely brought it and proved they still had it.

The after party is at BoMA (Bar of Modern Art- http://www.bomaevents.com/) nightclub and I’d be getting my journalist hustle, slip a card on, but I’ve gotta chill and get ready for Los Angeles bright and early in the morning.  Plus, you know only the scantily clad groupies would be all up on the dudes.  It’s been a minute since I’ve been there.  It was definitely a spot I hit when it first opened a few years back.  I probably could’ve had a moment with Kelly PriceKelly Price, if you hear me, I want to interview you.  You were the best all around performance tonight and I just like where you’re at with your music.

LA baby!  Holla if you hear me!  Let me know what’s up– parties, events, places to go, etc.  I’m down for whatever.  I’ve never been VIP to anything in my life, so make a gal’s dream come true and hook a sista up!

We had excellent seats, maybe 10 rows from the stage and they were letting people up close to take pictures.  I had my camera, but the damn battery was dead!  Shit!  I’m still mad about that.  Plus, I left my cell phone at home so I couldn’t even use that for a photo.  Oh well, I’m sure lots of video and pictures will surface from tonight.  I’m also glad that everyone stuck to the music we remember from them in the 90s.  It took us all back.

Oh, and Adina Howard, I reached out to your people like you told me and no word back.  It’s all good.  I know one day that will not be the case.

Let me catch a few Zzzzzs before I get up in a few hours for the airport.

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