Nadya Suleman sets up website for octuplets and welcomes donations

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I think the media is unnecessarily harsh on Nadya Suleman. I feel like even hearing this website story this morning on CNN made her seem like the laughing stock of America pointing to the part of the page where she’s asking for monetary donations through PayPal.  Sure, Nadya has not used sound judgment in her pursuit of having children.  If that was her life’s dream, I agree she should have put her energy into building a nest for all of her children to live happily ever after…and then had the children.  How many of you out there are in a similar position or have family members and/or friends in a similar position?  Perhaps they just had their children one at a time, maybe different baby daddies that aren’t in the picture.  Maybe some of their children have special needs.  Maybe they’re on welfare, accepting food stamps, livingi n Section 8 housing or mooching off loved ones.

My point is, people exercise poor judgment all the time and we pay for it all the time.

Anyway, here’s a link to her website.  It has pictures of the 8 tiny babies still in the hospital.  In the middle of the page is a place for people to make donations. (the site is no longer active)

Citizen Girl blog offers some interesting commentary-


Do you think she should ask for donations?

Would you grant her a book deal or reality show?

Do you think Oprah should offer her a bailout package?

She had the money to pay for IVF (which she saved from her disability payments) and she had the procedure done.  Should the doctor have refused to perform the procedure?  What are the odds of a doctor doing that over collecting a paycheck optional procedure?

She had 6 eggs implanted which against all odds survived with 2 of them dividing which gave her 8.  Would you have wanted her to do a selective abortion of fetuses once they knew there were 7 (the 8th baby was a surprise during delivery)? Are medical advances getting so good that we are upsetting the balance of nature?

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Update Feb 17, 2009

Nadya’s website was taken down.  Here’s what it looked like.

(source: Huffington Post)

Publicist Joann Killeen has since resigned as the result of death threats and talent agent Wes Yoder who represented the McCaughey septuplets in 1997 has been hired.


  1. Concerned Mother says:

    If Nadya wasn’t already receiving money from the State of California, if she didn’t already have (6) children, some with disabilities, if she had the money to take care of these babies herself, the public wouldn’t be so harsh on her. She put herself in this position when she chose to be irresponsible, selfish and not thinking of these children. Being a parent, I know what it costs, not only in money, to be a good parent. These poor children will suffer.

    In these poor economic times, how can she ask people to donate with so many unemployed, losing their homes, etc. The “people” didn’t make this poor decision, she shouldn’t have had “any” more children under her circumstances.

    To offer her a book deal, or bailout from Oprah would only be supporting her poor judgement, the best “chance” for these (8) babies would be the state of California stepping in and placing them with loving, caring parents who have the financial resources to cover their future medical expenses, only time will tell what disabilities they may have. If she wanted to show she was being a loving, selfless mother, she would do this for these babies.

  2. If people get pregnant by having sex even though they are not willing, we can understand, but a women who is unemployed and already had 6 children with IVF and got 8 more kids intensionally is not something we should ignore. She did this by thinking she can make money on them, she will get free social service to raise her kids and she can live off on their money. She is no different than those beggars in third world country who beg for money at the street lights by showing off their kids. hi-fi begging huh?

  3. i know it is easy to criticize her. but i really think it is meaningless to do so.

    she had the kids and the most important thing to discuss right now is their future.

    if these kids were in some remote place we could ignore them in the unfortunate way we ignore other children in pain, but because the media has devoted so much attention to their mother there isn’t any non-disgusting way to get off the hook. be it oprah or tax-payers, someone has to help these kids, it is absolutely inconsiderate to hold them accountable for what we see as their mother’s poor judgment.

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