Joanna Pacitti is BFFs with 2 American Idol execs. Disqualified from Top 36.

Finally nabbed Joanna Pacitti on something that would stick. Star is reporting that Ms. Pacitti is pals with Michelle Young and Roger Widynowski who are both execs for American Idol.

Remember my post about American Idol Season 8? Of course you do! …but in case you don’t, here’s a linkey poo back to it:  Besides the fact that I hate these early rounds where they give the buffoons more airplay than talent, I didn’t think Joanna Pacitti‘s resume was a fair match against other American Idol hopefuls.  While she’s not Britney Spears, Britney covered her song on her current Circus album.  She’s got enough of a running start.  Besides, I saw in last night’s episode how she didn’t remember her words in like any of her Hollywood week performances.  She was definitely buckling under the pressure.

So out with Joanna Pacitti and in with Felicia Barton.  In a way, this is good press for Joanna.  She just might get her dream call after making news headlines today.

You need to read Henrick Batallones account on BuddyTV.  It’s kind of funny.  The article ends with:

And who is Felicia Barton?  We’ve not seen her in any of the Idol episodes so far.  Where did they get her?  Why didn’t they get any of those who actually made it to Hollywood?


I guess we’ll all be getting to know Miss Felicia soon.  In the meantime, catch her on myspace:

So are you happy?  sad?  couldn’t give 2 shits?

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