Archives for February 12, 2009

Joanna Pacitti is BFFs with 2 American Idol execs. Disqualified from Top 36.

Surprise removal of Joanna Pacitti from Top 36 after learning that she’s close with 2 American Idol execs. Replaced with not yet seen Felicia Barton.

Nadya Suleman sets up website for octuplets and welcomes donations

Nadya Suleman, mother of octuplets born in California and now mom to 14 children, sets up a website showcasing the octuplets and asking for donations.

Hollywood, let’s lay off the plastic surgery for a minute, ok?

Usher’s wife Tameka Foster suffers major complications after liposuction procedure in Brazil. Brings back memories of Kanye’s mom, Donde West.

Fantasia Barrino out of foreclosure and in high school

At age 24, Fantasia Barrino is headed back to get her GED.