2009 Grammy Award List


God bless MIA. I don’t have the heart to really dish it out on my blog because I do like her music, but the picture speaks for itself.  Swagger is not the first word to come to mind.  Plus, I believe that tonight was her due date?  Props for moving on the stage at 9 months.

High moments for me: Jennifer Hudson who just brings tears to my eyes every time I see her.  She is such an amazing person- inside and out.  Coldplay won me over as a fan.  I’ve liked them but hadn’t joined the bandwagon.  Adele also rocked it out.  Her voice is beautiful.

Wish it was better moment: A lot of those, however, I was sad for Whitney Houston who looked like she was going to fall over, slurred her speech.  She was either medicated/intoxicated or I’m just seeing the affects of years on drugs.  Her body was still bangin though.  The reports of her at the Clive Davis party were good.  I would like to see her sing.  Jonas Brothers were absolutely atrocious when paired with Stevie.  Miley Cyrus was upstaged by the stronger vocals of Taylor Swift.  Katy Perry is a gimmick to me.  I like her “I Kissed A Girl” song but her live performances so far have failed to deliver for me.

E! News has posted a full list of Grammy winners (thank you E!).


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