Miss Rap Supreme indeed! Coming soon, interview with rapper Mala Reignz.


Back in September 2008, I sat next to Mala Reignz at a networking event for ladies trying to make it in the entertainment industry.  We just got to talking, real talk, you know?  She handed me her mixtape.  I took it with no major expectations because everybody and their mama wants to be a rapper, but not everyone can rap.  So, I put Mala Reignz through my personal litmus test and listened to her Miss Rap Supreme mixtape in my car the next weekend as I went to/from  work and was instantly hooked.  The mixtape follows the challenges on the latest season of Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme that aired on VH-1.  Since then, I have her mixtape in regular rotation.  Female rappers have a hard way to go in a male dominated genre, but this lady can hold her own.  Her 3rd track “Who Am I Freestyle” pays tribute lyrically to her personal struggles to triumph and in delivery to Mala’s spoken word roots.  It is a personal favorite of mine.  Her latest single “Whole Club Rockin” (track 13) is one to do just that with a signature techno, clubby backdrop over her power rap style.  These 2 tracks alone speak to Mala’s versatility.

I’m not from the NYC, but I know you all have a burrough loyalty like none other.  Mala Reignz represents da Bronx so you know you gotta peep her page now!

Update 1/6/09- I found the interview on WORLDDIGIBEAT.COM.  It’s definitely worth watching.

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Mala Reignz on myspace- myspace.com/malareignz

You Tube clip of Mala performing at the Hip Hop Culture Center in Harlem…

The following You Tube clip is hawt!  Remix of Usher’s “In This Club” feat. Mala Reignz and J. Berry Love…

Finally, my personal fav “Who Am I Freestyle”

Her video for the song “BX Til I Die” (track 10) can be seen on Music Choice.

While Mala Reignz was not an actual contestant on the VH-1 series Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme, here’s some more information on the show for those who aren’t familiar…

Last year, the irreverent hit series known as ego trip’s The (White) Rapper Show met head-on the trials and tribulations that Caucasian rappers (a minority in African-American-created hip-hop culture) go through on a daily basis. This time around, this exciting and ever-expanding series explores the intriguing plight of yet another disenfranchised group in the rap game–the female MC.

Female rappers have always had it tough in the male-dominated world of hip-hop. Striving to be heard and respected, hard-working ’80s pioneers like Pebbly-Poo, MC Lyte, Roxanne Shante and Queen Latifah made it possible for future generations of lady lyricists to be seen and heard.

However, even with the late ’90/early ’00s success of today’s household names like Missy Elliott, Lil’ Kim, Da Brat, Eve and Lauryn Hill, the female rap game is in jeopardy… and even Alex Trebek knows it. In 2004, the Recording Academy nixed the best female rap artist category due to a shortage of eligible entries. The image of the female rap genre has taken further lumps in recent times as the once-reigning Lauryn Hill has inexplicably watched her career nosedive, BK bad girls Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown have both gotten locked up and Remy Ma has become the first female rapper ever to be accused of shooting somebody.

So what’s going on with female rap’s future and who will be the next great lady emcee?
(source: vh1.com)


  1. yo straight hottness! Solid Mastery and I sat and listened to this! And you know Solid is forreal on the music tip. All I could here from him was “Damn”, “uh”, “mnh”!!
    Hottness I look fwd to more!

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