Have you seen it? That HBO mockumentary series “Summer Heights High”


I bumped into it overnight tonight and I’ve been catching up on episodes on On Demand.  I’m kind of watching it like a freak show at the moment…not sure I like it for real or not.  Chris Lilley is kinda funny and plays the three main characters which I have to admit that I didn’t catch onto at first (the joke was definitely on me for falling into that trap).  Jonah the school bully, Mr. G the drama teacher, and Ja’me the private school snobby rich girl doing a semester exchange at public school Summer Heights High.  He plays the characters so believably well that you share in silliness of the portrayals and haunted by the believability of them…the darker side that comes with being those kinds of characters.

Have you been watching Summer Heights High?  What do you think?

Here’s a review on film.com- CLICK HERE


  1. This show is fu$kin’ holarrous! Kawana and I crack up over the show. I didn’t notices there was one person playing all three parts until later. I love the show. I taught kids for many years and that’s how some of them act. There are teachers like him as well….lololol I hope it comes back for another season.

  2. @ Queer Black Cinema- I, too, was fooled in the beginning into thinking that the main characters were different actors, but learning that it wasn’t made it more funny. I think he plays Jonah (the bully) the best and most realistic in a scary way. I’m still not sure I love the show, but I’ve been continuing to check it out.

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