The Hills- This is my now

Awww, a little sentimental episode.  What a perfect moment to prep us for the end of this series BUT that won’t be the case.  I am excited about Whitney’s new series and budding love.  I guess he’s grungy cute.  Brody’s Bromance sounds dumb to me.

I wish I had someone to just hook me up with these really super exciting jobs…and a super fabulous life to go with it.

I had a moment as I related to my parents leaving their home a few years back.  I always believed I’d eventually move back to Maryland, but there aren’t as many things drawing me back.  Granted they did not have a mansion in Laguna up in the hills overlooking the ocean, but it was home.  Now, I guess Columbus, Ohio is home.  Sounds similar but worlds apart.

Who knows what the future holds…

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