MTV reality show spinoff for the gals from Run’s House- ‘Daddy’s Girls’


I have never written about the show “Run’s House,” but you know I’m an MTV head.  I love that show and have watched every season.  To see the trailer for Angela and Vanessa Simmon’s spinoff series “Daddy’s Girls” has me doing cartwheels across the living room…figuratively speaking.  One, it’s nice to see one of these mindless fluffy, just for fun shows feature some sisters of color.  I have a little closer connection to them as opposed to the cast from “The Hills” because they are a closer link to me as a target demographic.  Plus, at least “Run’s House” features Rev Run and Russell Simmons and lots of images of family, good parenting, and lessons taught/learned.  So scratch the fluff comment.  “Run’s House” has some good content for reality tv.

If you’ve been watching Run’s House, you know that Angela and Vanessa launched their own shoe line under Uncle Russell Simmons guidance and dollars (I need one of those uncles) called Pastry.  It’s athletic footwear for women.  Very cute stuff.  It seems that they have expanded to include fashion and accessories as well

Here’s a link to the trailer on MTV’s website:

Here’s an excerpt from Black Voices about the new show who reportedly was the media outlet chosen to do the press release announcing the show…

“…Expect the new series to showcase the sisters as they evolve their popular ‘Pastry’ shoe and clothing line into another more grown-up brand, in addition to embarking upon other exciting ventures…”

Here’s another excerpt from The Maven Report…

“They have a successful sneaker line, Pastry. Vanessa’s acting career is taking off. Angela has her magazine. The next course of action for the Simmons sisters is getting their own reality show.… and that’s whats’ coming next…”

You go girls!  I’ll be watching in January 2009!  🙂

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  1. Definitely a step (hee!) in the right direction for MTV. Maybe this will make up for A Double Shot of Love.

  2. @Bianca- Wassup? Yes, MTV is really slacking off as is much of tv land right now. A Double Shot of Love is “doubley” horrible. Sometimes I’m ashamed that I’m watching MTV, but I grew up with it so it’s a part of my genetic makeup so to speak.

    Outside of this show, “Daddy’s Girls,” the only one I’m really waiting for is Whitney Port’s spinoff series “The City.”

  3. Although I am happy for the girls. I think the boys should have gotten their own show. Lil Russell is funny as hell. I had the mom is drugged up. I was wondering why she always slurred her words. What’s the 411? I know you know Ife…lol.

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