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Tribute to Santa’s baby Eartha Kitt (1927-2008)

Tribute post to singer and dancer Eartha Kitt who passed away on Christmas day 2008 at the age of 81.

Have you seen it? That HBO mockumentary series “Summer Heights High”

Starting dialog about a show I just “discovered” mockumentary on HBO called “Summer Heights High”

Controversy over Busta Rhymes song "Arab Money"

Busta Rhymes song “Arab Money” featuring Ron Brownz is causing a stir in the Arab community.

MTV reality show spinoff for the gals from Run’s House- ‘Daddy’s Girls’

To see the trailer for Angela and Vanessa Simmon’s spinoff series “Daddy’s Girls” has me doing cartwheels across the living room…figuratively speaking. One, it’s nice to see one of these mindless fluffy, just for fun shows feature some sisters of color.

The Hills- This is my now

Awww, a little sentimental episode.  What a perfect moment to prep us for the end of this series BUT that won’t be the case.  I am excited about Whitney’s new series and budding love.  I guess he’s grungy cute.  Brody’s Bromance sounds dumb to me. I wish I had someone to just hook me up […]