2005 American Idol contestant, Paula Goodspeed, commits suicide near Paula Abdul’s home

I’m surprised something like this hasn’t happened before now.  I always wonder about those contestants in the early rounds that are convenient targets of jokes and endless replays.  Are they in it for the 1 minute of fame or have they falsely lulled into believing they have superstar talent if talent at all?  At the same time, when you try out for these shows, you know what could happen…good or bad.

Sadly, 30 year old Paula Goodspeed committed suicide on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 from an apparent overdose of prescription pills in her car not too far from Paula Abdul’s home.  A professed Paula Abdul fanatic, she was harshly criticized for her physical appearance during the audition including the fact that she had braces.  The producers used her audition among the clips mocking the array of people who audition for the show.  The airing was followed by further criticism through her myspace page and other online reviews.

I find it hard to believe that this appearance 3 years ago was the sole cause of her committing suicide, but I’m sure it played a role.  Since she does have ties to the show, it has drawn some harsh criticism of the harsh criticism that gets delivered on American Idol.

Personally, I’m soooo over American Idol.  I especially find those early mockery shows distasteful, but I do enjoy the rags to riches style stories.  I usually prompt my hubby to “wake me up” when they get down to the final 12 so I can spend my time watching the top talent compete for the title…as well as wonder why some of the contestants made it that far.

Do you think American Idol is to blame for Paula Goodspeed’s suicide?

Has reality tv gone too far?

The UK Times Online article was a pretty good read.  Click HERE for the story. For those of you who are click lazy, here are some highlights from the article…

Her body was discovered on Tuesday night in a car with the personalised licence plate “ABL LV” in a Los Angeles Lakers frame, parked in a Los Angeles street not far from the home of the 80s pop singer, a former Lakers girl.

Investigators found prescription drugs in the 30-year-old’s car, along with Paula Abdul CDs and pictures…

Ms Goodspeed’s audition was aired during season five, which began in January 2006. She told the show’s host, Ryan Seacrest, that she was a huge fan of Ms Abdul and showed him life-size drawings of the singer which she said she had been creating “ever since I was a little kid.”…

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