RW/RR The Island: Reunion episode- the sparks fly plus my final EV verdict


Man, I gotta get myself to one of these reunion shows.  The live taping, you know?  I think the RW/RR challenges might be my favorite thing to watch on television.  I love the spirit of competition, seeing the cast members after being on the RW, the scandals, everything!

Ok, first of all, I officially am declaring EV a sellout. During the reunion show, EV totally had the chance to set the records straight.  She could have spoken up for herself, at a minimum, or the other ladies who were being BLATANTLY disrespected during the season of The Island as well as during the Reunion show.  EV, you should’ve taken the key from Johnny Bananas after winning the last challenge. You had nothing to lose at that point and still would been able to join a strong team that would have won.  Trust me, the guys were scared of you and would have been even more scared of you if you followed through. It concerns me that you look intimidated during the reunion show.  Even your body language in the above picture shows that.  Don’t let those testicles and testosterone get your head twisted.  While I’m disappointed and I think you’re a sellout, I still have faith in you and hope to see you rebound to the EV that once made me proud.  Oh…one more thing…what’s up with hair extensions?  That’s so not tough EV, but who knows what I’d do if I had $75K at my disposal, I guess.  Ok, let me just say it, I don’t like them.

Now Robin, she was the voice of feminism. Call her crazy and erratic during The Island episodes, but she must’ve popped a prozac tonight because she was on point.  Thank you for your confidence and letting those boys know what’s up.  That’s hot!

Kellyanne, I’m reading that you were potentially intoxicated before the show started taping.  That would explain the over the top version of you we saw tonight.  It was just odd and kind of funny watching you trying to get your badass on.  I can’t remember who outed your relationship on the show (probably Kenny, i think??), but you’re now dating Wes?  You likes the drama, girl!

rwrr reunion show2

Paula, you were wronged.  In the future, don’t let your naivety get the best of you.  I feel your pain.  Trust me.  Been there.

Ryan, I like you.  You seem level headed and a low dramzz guy.  You said what you had to say, no more, no less.

The rest of the folks on the reunion show…eh, not worth my sleepy fingers.  I continue to stand firmly against any man (or woman) calling someone a “dumb bitch.”  There’s never a good reason.  There’s no excuse, regardless of how the guys (sans Ryan) and Jenn tried to spin it.  Just awful.  Absolutely awful and degrading.

Did you watch the reunion show?  What did you think?

p.s. Who was this new host guy?


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