First Black American President…PRICELESS!!!!

I am absolutely positively utterly speechless and proud and inspired…How about you?






  1. I would like to say that I am pretty frustrated that everyone thinks that Obama has been elected when only 56% of the nationwide have been submitted. How does that make him president? Just because of the electoral votes? That’s not possible because a lot of those states are not completed submitting their precincts. He is not president until we are absolutely sure. Especially since many states are close to the 50/50 mark. Which means it can swing either way before it is done. How funny it would be if the remaining precincts report differently and the electoral votes change!!!!!

  2. @Kelly- NEWSFLASH!!!! John McCain is doing his concession speech right now at 11:30pm EST. It is OVER. Say hello to your new President of the United States of America…Barack Hussein Obama. Case closed.

  3. Yeah, but the votes aren’t finished. Just because he concedes doesn’t mean it’s done. We just think it is. Wait until the final precincts come in. Not every state is that fast in responding since some of the states recently closed their polls. What don’t you wake up and see that because of the most wonderful invention in the world, the TV, that we could possibly be jumping the gun. One day it will happen! Why don’t we just wait instead of predicting. I want the final figures.

    BTW – I voted Obama. Ha!Ha! Back at ya!

  4. The change we will have is a change in our problems. What will the next problem be? Safe to say it will be a problem we will fix in four years.

    1460 days to go.

  5. @Kelly- He has a statistically significant lead meaning that the margin of error so low that media outlets feel comfortable going in this direction. Believe me, this nation, John McCain would not draw this conclusion if there was not enough statistical backing.

    You voted for Obama. Enjoy the moment. It’s here.

  6. It isn’t here yet. Statistics can be wrong. The actual numbers are what matters. Not statistics, especially for the presidential election.

  7. @Kelly- you know where else to find me and i left you another similar comment. fish around the net today because i’m sure there will indeed be questions similar to yours out there. the number of electoral votes that each state has also plays a role.

    as you question this, i sense an underlying concern about how everyone’s vote counts and it definitely does. i feel compelled to write a post just about that so when i carve out some time, i will. the results will keep rolling in today (i personally am still waiting for north carolina) and you will get to hear the official result soon enough.

  8. I understand Kelly’s mistrust of exit polls and statistics and the fairness of the election process. We’ve been shown before (and even this election) the extent to which people will go to deny others the expression of their right to vote and voice their concerns and opinions. I still can’t believe it has happened. IT HAS HAPPENED. There’s no going back. We can actually move FORWARD toward reconciliation with the world, within our country. I’m sorry the country we’ve handed to Barack Obama is in such fragile shape, but I can’t think of any better hands to hold us while we all move forward together.

    I LOVE my president-elect and that is a very strange feeling. It’s going to take some getting used to. 🙂

    I’m going to try to stop crying tears of joy now and attempt to get back to work!

    Peace and hope and love and togetherness

  9. Aren’t they the most beautiful first family that you’ve ever seen!… January cant come soon enough!

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