Uh ohhh. Creepa, they sayin youz a goon for real.

Clearly, I have been a little out of touch. Thanks to those of you (ladyt and others) who sent me this press release.

I’m not sure what to make of this or if it’s the rumor mill in full effect, but I’ll update when I know more.

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September 17, 2008



Miami FL – Miami Gardens resident Thaddeus ”CREEPA” Martin was crown a gentleman and walked away the winner of the $100,000.00 cash prize last night on MTV’s summer blockbuster hit reality show ”FROM G’S TO GENTS”. Produced partly by Oscar award winning actor JAMIE FOXX and brilliantly hosted by P Diddy’s ex-butler and recording artist, FONWORTH BENTLEY. Millions of MTV’s fans watched their favorite ”G” CREEPA win the prize as tears of joy streamed down the winner’s face after giving his seemingly heartfelt speech to why he should be crowned the winner.

Week after week fans had their hearts strings pulled as CREEPA told his story of being a ”street thug” tired of the life and looking for a change. How a disabled mother raised him after his father was murdered. How he had to work the streets to get money to care for his family as a young boy. How he suffers from heart problems and/or chest problems due to his hard life on the streets. Not to mention one of his friends was murdered while he was on the show ….oh no that was last week ….this week it was THREE FRIENDS and now he needed to the money to re-locate from his ”hood” in fear of his own life upon returning home.

As stated in his final statement to Mr. Bentley on last night’s final episode.

Was it all a lie?

In fact sources close to the family states the following:

CREEPA mother is not really disabled at all as seen when she appeared on the show 2 weeks ago. ”CREEPA’s mother worked for AT&T for years …over 20 year I think states a family friend …She is a home owner…they own their home! I know she stop working a couple of years ago because her hands hurt from typing for years but she is not disabled the way her son was lying on that show”. She adds ”If you call not working, drinking, smoking weed, getting high with CREEPA and living off poorly cared for foster kids disabled …then she is disabled”. Yes, CREEPA’s father was killed when he a two …but I know nothing of him being a ”street thug” or hustling living on the streets…his mother had a good job with benefits for years!

CREEPA is too lazy to hustle …he won’t work period! He moved a 17 year old girl in his mother’s house and she was the only one is the house working taking care of CREEPA! He kicked her out the day before he left to do the show…that girl took care of him for over a year. He later took her back in after he dumped his partner that put him on the show when he returned 4 weeks later bragging he fooled everyone and won the show. In fact CREEPA broke ties with everyone that ever did anything for him when he returned from that show.

As far as a friend being killed … I challenge him to name one friend…ONE that was killed during those 3 1/2 weeks he was on the show…. Forget about 3! When he said he needed the money to relocate out of fear of being killed …I almost fell off my chair! CREEPA has been home from day one! He’s home right now waiting for those suckers to give him that check! On his porch as always smoking weed with friends till the wee hours of da night. I know his partner, Tandy did try to move CREEPA to a $700,000 gated condo on the beach when he came home before she too learned of the extent of CREEPA’s lies …he would not move …cause he wanted to steal the money from her! Does that sound like somebody afraid for his or her life! It was all a con …a lie. And I feel sorry for a few of those guys on that show cause they all fell for a master liar. I can’t see how MTV didn’t know this kid was lying …there is something funny wit dat. I know he was real close with one of the producers on the show…she calls him still all the time still. Maybe the show was fixed.

I also feel for Mr. Bentley he was trying to do the right thing and Miami Dade County player just played him. He is 10 times worse than Rick Ross !!!

Remember CREEPA never won one of the challenges while on the show but yet HE won. Did he do it by telling lies, bulling others into not voting off him or perhaps by having a special friendship with one of the female producer’s from the show?

What message does that send to the children of our community…?


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