The plot thickens on Weeds season finale

Ok, I am soooo 2 weeks ago with this posting, but you have to remember that the Weeds season final episode aired during the week I had no power thanks to a wind storm spawned by Hurricane Ike remnants.

Anyhooz, me and the hubby watched it last night.  This season left me with question marks because it was such a departure from the original premise of the show.  I hung in there through this season, but I really hope the writers tie it all together for the next season or I fear they may lose more of the shows viewing audience.  It just doesn’t work to have them all in Ren Mar.

The finale was just odd.  One thing I will say is that I love Mary Louise-Parker!  She makes Nancy so believable.

Here’s the final episode recap from NY mag- ‘WEEDS’ SEASON FINALE AS RIDICULOUS AS YOU MIGHT EXPECT

Weeds fans, what did you think about the finale?

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