Ugly Betty is back!!!

I forgot how much I love, love, love Ugly Betty.  Now being filmed in NYC as opposed to a Hollywood set pretending to be NYC (ready why HERE in LA Times) and no longer plagued by long breaks as we did last season as the result of the writer’s strike, it’s time to fall in love with one of the best shows on television all over again.

We were all on the edge of our seats during the season finale when Betty was left to choose between Henry or Gio.  I was thinking she’d choose Gio for probably the same superficial rationale that I figured J. Lo eventually landed with Marc Anthony and not Diddy (it’s just comedy, y’all).  Let’s put it this way, we were all wrong, but the result was right for Betty.  Betty seems to be trying to live for herself, a common thread in our culture now, letting her dreams and passions be her guide.  Not to mention echoing a sentiment of women’s lib with her dove as her spirit animal..or was it power animal?…whatever…and a shout out to the lesbians in her tale about Peg.

And who hasn’t made a list like this?

  1. “I am going to take on more responsibilities at work so that in one year I get a promotion”
  2. “I am not going to let any romantic entanglements get in my way.”
  3. “I’m getting my own apartment in the city.”

Oh, Betty, you and your idea book reminded me of LalaTamago and that spirit of the world is yours to conquer that I used to take in with every breath but instead has me left jaded but hopeful (or is it hopeful but jaded??) as the haters and naysayers of the real world have marred my spirit.  Keep hope alive for us Betty!  Yes we can!  😎

I digress…

Of course, life at Mode has definitely flipped the script on this show.  I’m wondering how long they’ll play this out because it’s just ridiculous…like too ridiculous for even this show.  Willhimena running things at Mode with heiress baby on the way via Christina.  Daniel has that stupid Player magazine and a staff that’s as ridiculous as the mag.  Not to mention his fake French speaking son that appeared from nowhere last season.  Daniel, a father?  Plausible that he sperminated, but not so much on the daddy figure.

Team Amanda and Marc are back to their old antics reminiscent of Karen and Jack from Will and Grace.  Betty’s arrival at work was HI to the LARIOUS thanks to them.

I could go on and on.  Just watch it.  You can actually catch the entire episode online through (click HERE).


  1. scenescreen says:

    I totally called Betty choosing herself rather than Gio or Henry, which I think might have been for the best. New location for the show, new direction for Betty. I liked the episode a lot overall and enjoyed reading your impressions. I also posted my own thoughts if you wanna check ’em out.

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