Like Laurie Ann Gibson from Making The Band 4- Season 3…I’m back!!!

I’m back beeyatches!!! It’s ridiculous how many of us out here in C’bus (that’s Columbus, OH) are still without power including moi…courtesy of Hurricane Ike leftovers that blew through town on Sunday. Basically, AEP doesn’t have enough staff available now because they sent them down to the gulf coast where the real damage was done. It’s all good, though.  Between that and work, I’ve not been online in days.  PLUS, I hadn’t watched the season finale of From Gs to Gents and refused to read any comments in my email or peek in my blog so y’all wouldn’t ruin it for me. Thank, God!!!  MTV airs all their shows like 300 times a week, so now, from the comforts of a hotel with cable, I finally got to watch it.

I have lots of writing to do today (for here and otherwise) so let’s get this party started!

Last week, I was able to speak with BET’s 106 & Park All Stars Wild Out Wednesdays winner Miss Jamie Jones, and I hope to post my interview with her by the end of the week.  She’s hot.  She’s talented. And, yes, I finally got to interview a female emerging artist (that comment’s for you SolidMastery).  If you don’t know about her, you need to check her out…


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