From Goon to a Gent- Creepa takes 100 Gs…will he remain changed?

…Or will he get all hood rich?  I hope the former is true.  He’s got lots of people who will be all up in his “grill” now that he has all that loot.

The season finale definitely delivered.  Going into the show, I’ve been behind Cee and maybe Shotta, and mostly concerned for Creepa.  Well, Cee was the first to go as he did not stand up to the litmus test of his fellow panel of cast members.  Maybe my tendency to believe in the authenticity of others clouds my judgement.

With Cee out, I was conflicted.  Bentley hit the nail on the head when he called Shotta complacent, and to be honest, I think that part of him is what kept him on the show so long.  He kind of slides under the radar but has all the same concerns as the ones with more of a voice.

In the end, I get the rationale behind Bentley’s decision.  He was setting a precedent for what he wanted the show to reflect…a true G moving to a true Gent (in training).  Creepa definitely was a G really until the end.  However, along the way, bit by bit, week by week, he started making little symbolic changes.  He was shedding his old persona- his grills, his shades, and on the final episode HIS HAIR!!! That’s an ultimate testament to his commitment to change.  There is something mind altering, transforming about cutting your hair off.  It goes back to Biblical times.  There is definite life, I believe, in those dead skin cells we call hair.

You go Creepa…(or shall I say Thaddeus)!  You won my heart.

I hope Fonzworth stays committed to your success beyond the show in the same way he promised to help Shotta.  Work that diction for the professional world you’re soon to encounter, but know when to keep it real as well, you feel me?

p.s. awesome photo documentary on this last episode, MTV (source of these and pretty much all of the photos i posted on this show).  give my regards to the photographer.

p.p.s.  Jamie Foxx, ’nuff respect, mon!



  2. It is something about a man when he “comes to himself”. I was moved by the emotions, and passion Thaddius had for transformation. I also commend him when he said ” I want to teach the ones back home……” That is so key. We have to remember giving back to the community is changing the community not just giving away free stuff. The saying ” Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, Teach him to fish you feed him for a life time.” I pray that Thaddius keeps his word “I am committed to do whatever it takes to be a gentleman” x3. It is nothing like seeing our beautiful black men comw to themselves wanting more than money but change! Congratulations Thaddius

  3. @lovey- Creepa’s journey was great to see, but it was edited for tv. I’m anxious to see the reunion show and get some updates since the original taping…and as I’ve said in earlier posts, i’m all for a spinoff show or something following him. Hmmm, maybe not. Too much time in the tv spotlight might jack his head up in a whole new way.

    @AJ- i didn’t hear Creepa say anything on the tv show about the gay community, but i don’t know much about him other than what i’ve seen on the show.

    it seems like people are happy with the outcome. i need to go check his myspace page and hear this single he’s been promoting. everybody’s tryin’ to be a rapper these days.

  4. I was sooo happy to see Creepa win. He truly made the biggest transformation, and it’s so good to see a reality show that actually helps people. I was in tears by the end of the show – the transformation, the desire to do better, and knowing that he’s never really had anyone to believe in him in a positive way. I’m anxious, as well, to see the reunion show.

  5. I was too very happy to see Creepa take it! Although i was Team T-Jones for the majority of the show Creepa needed this win in a much deeper and kind of critical way. (at least thats how it was portrayed) So many of our young men dont have anyone or anything to teach them aside from the streets and thier friends and that ultimately leads to self destruction. Imagine where Creepa would be headed had he not came on the show….Im sure in the beginning as Bentley stated, it was a game to some if not all of the G’s but somewhere down the line you could see week to week these changes happening and not necessarily on the outside but inside of some like Cee and Creepa! Seeing the personal struggle with self is inspirational as im sure alot of young men do experience this. Having the desire to do better and be better without the means or the knowledge. I was against Shotta winning from day 1 not because I think he didnt deserve it but because any man would choose to live in his car did that just that, made that choice! i dount know mamybe im being to hard on the cat but u can tell he’s spoiled as hell and look to others to bail him out so i do hope that bentley makes him work for that reward which to me was better than the money because he’s learning a work ethic and how to be responsible. Im looking forward to another season and hope that Creepa holds true to all that he has learned and makes some wise choices and decisions with his new found riches! Excellent job Jamie and Bentley!

  6. I think my sister and I were the happiest people in the world when we saw Creepah win , I think it was only right , he was very sincere and hope the best for him in the future.

  7. When i first say Creepa I knew he wsa gonna win. Creepa grew nup in hard tymes. He really had that thug lyfe. All them utha cats on there was artificial xspecially that fat sweet dude. Im born n raised in Miami (305), the bottom n shyt is seriously rough. It aint no games its the survival of the fitist everyday all day. I just hope that he stay focused and make his music thing jump off…….

  8. Maria ( trinidad) says:

    I was so overjoyed when creepa won because to me he made the biggest transformation.I love the show very much.and Ido hope there will be more like this.

  9. @ everyone who’s posted… WOW! I hope MTV is paying attention to the impact this show has had! This is by far one of the most visited posts my blog has ever seen so thanks for visiting AND commenting.

    Creepa has a strong fan base so I hope he recognizes the extent to which his experience on the show has touched our lives.

  10. @Maria- big up Trini gal!!! 🙂 …from a gal with some roots in Guyana and Barbados!

  11. you con-gaties go creepa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. im glad creepa won becuz he was the realest thru the whole show..shotta’s speech to me was telling mr. bentley what he wanted to hear rather than speakin from the heart..i like when creepa said i will do what it takes to be committed..or somethin like that ..i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Me and my friend BrianU were watching G’s to Gents on fts ventrilo and when Creepa won we were both so happy for him

  14. Yoo Creepa is the man! he really deserved it to win, he needed the hardest man and im proud of him. I hope they let us see how he’s doing right now through his progress. Keep us in touch. Creepa, my main man. Show them big bro!

  15. creepa worked the hardiest and i’m happy he won!

  16. I was sooo happy to see Creepa win 😉

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