Archives for September 17, 2008

I’m 2 for 2 on Maurice Jamal films. The Ski Trip was another netflix gem.

I must say that The Ski Trip was a really good flick. Great, fun storyline with the classic independent film campy vibe. I’m the type that doesn’t need special effects make a story more interesting, rather, the story itself needs to be well conveyed to hold my attention. That’s how classics are still classics, right? I could watch Sydney Poitier in “A Raisin in the Sun” over and over and over again.

From Goon to a Gent- Creepa takes 100 Gs…will he remain changed?

…Or will he get all hood rich?  I hope the former is true.  He’s got lots of people who will be all up in his “grill” now that he has all that loot. The season finale definitely delivered.  Going into the show, I’ve been behind Cee and maybe Shotta, and mostly concerned for Creepa.  Well, […]

Like Laurie Ann Gibson from Making The Band 4- Season 3…I’m back!!!

I’m back beeyatches!!! It’s ridiculous how many of us out here in C’bus (that’s Columbus, OH) are still without power including moi…courtesy of Hurricane Ike leftovers that blew through town on Sunday. Basically, AEP doesn’t have enough staff available now because they sent them down to the gulf coast where the real damage was done. […]