Ifelicious play by play on the 2008 MTV VMAs

I’m watching the VMAs right now, so I’ll be updating this periodically…I think…

Here’s my 2 cents so far

on Britney Spears…

First of all, Britney’s appearance was EXACTLY like what I predicted in my post BRITNEY TO OPEN BUT NOT PERFORM AT THE VMAs, she did some stupid little sketch to show off her poor acting instead of poor performing skills.  Yes, she does look better, and I can only pray that things are on the up and up for her.

When she got to the stage, she was nervous and spoke a mile a minute, but I know this was an important moment for her, so yeah Britney!  You did it!  Yawn…

Ok, Britney got TWO VMAs


for “Piece of Me” after never receiving any in her career????  This was clearly not a stellar year for her.  I won’t even go there with wondering what she did to land the moonmen…lol MTV, you could’ve supported her in different ways, and award her when it was deserved, really deserved.

Rihanna’s performance of “Disturbia” was dope!

Her next performance of that song “My Life”…eh…neither here nor there.  She’s growing on me, although that song “Umbrella” still drives me nuts.

Russell Brand was so funny with his V.I.L.F. comment…

…about Sarah Palin (Vice Presidents I’d like to f***), and he’s soooo right about that poor boy who’s been tossed into the spotlight for knockin up Palin’s 17 year old daughter.

Katy Perry BUTCHERED the song “Like A Virgin”…

…nice idea in concept but she really does not have the voice, which concerns me because I don’t think that song requires a major super vocal skills.  It would’ve been nice to have her perform with half a century old Madonna onstage, but perhaps they tried that and Madonna simply refused to compete with her fake British accent against comedian Russell Brand’s AUTHENTIC accent.

Heidi and Spencer cameo…WHATEVZZZ!

Ditto for Paris Hilton’s new BFF show.  Plus, her appearance was very reminiscient of the same ole pre-jail bird Paris.  What happened to hugging little hungry babies in Africa?  Game over on that??

Hip Hop is NOT Dead!!!

Thanks to Lil Wayne and T-Pain.  I’m still in love with Lil Wayne’s song “A Milli”.  It always gets my head noddin’ like a rockstar!  🙂

Pink! Marry me!

She TOTALLY rocked it out with her song “So What”.  Awesome staging.  It was like watching a video while she performed.  As you know, if you read my posts, that is sooooo my fav power chick song right now.

Jordin Sparks….

Whoa!  Ok, you go girl with your promise ring comment! Way to defend the Jonas Brothers. However, I caution you to be kind to your web footed friends.  What might we be saying if you become the slut you are shunning?  I like you, so I won’t come down too hard on you.  The VMAs are packed with racy comments.  Blah, blah, blah…

You did send Russell Brand backpedaling and off his game as he tried to make nice.

However, in looking at his comments in a clip after the show, I don’t think Russell was that over the top..but that’s just Ifelicious talkin’.

Get Your Head in the Game!

(don’t laugh, i have a notebook with a picture of the cast and that saying that i carry around at work)

The HS Musical crew is so cute.

Christina Aguilera

Looking good post baby and brought it with her performance as always.  Lovezz her! Go back to dark/brunette tones.  Mucho cuter on you, chica!


If you don’t know about her or her music, get hip to her.  She’s awesome!

Kid Rock– not a fan but he performed well, I guess.  “All Summer Long” is doing well this summer.

Kanye West closes it out…”sings” Love Lockdown

…how apropos!  Love him or hate him, this man is talented and has had a rough year with the passing of his mum (gotta join the British bandwagon hee-hee!)

What was the song he performed?
UPDATE 9/9/08:  found the song name on vibe.com, it was called “Love Lockdown”

Perez Hilton has really glammed up from his early blogger days, eh?


  1. I’ll admit that I don’t think “Piece of Me” was worthy of 3 moon men. If anything, these moon men should have gone to “Toxic” four years back, but eh, whatever. Just glad that she’s finally getting it together. Overall, I stopped watching the VMAs after Rihanna performed because all I wanted to see was Brit and Rihanna! LOL

  2. so…I have to agree with you about Brit…but truthfully I only watched to see her…as for Disturbia I thought it sounded horrible…but I loved the other song she did…they fuckin sampled numa numa, amazing…and then Pink…god I love that chick…you missed the HR office VMA discussion this morning so you’ll have to pop by on Monday and engage us in round 2

  3. oh no i missed MIA! She is the greatest!

  4. @CutSleeveBoy- that was the first VMAs that I sat through in years. more motivated because i blog now than anything else.

    @clifford- who didn’t watch to see Britney? we were all secretly hoping for another trainwreck, but not so this time. we’ll banter about it over cocktails later this week?

    @aw- you got me hip to MIA. she is a cool cat! meow!

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