Archives for September 5, 2008

Peep the trailer for Maurice Jamal’s TV series “Friends and Lovers”

I didn’t want to pop this into my last post about this show because I already had so much stuff in there, but please peep the trailer. This show looks like it’s going to be good! The series will be on tv this Fall, however, Maurice is not spilling the beans regarding the network that has picked it up. I’ll be sure to post once he makes the announcement.

Boom Kack! Boom Kack! Laurie Ann Gibson’s back- Making the Band 4 (season 3)

First of all, this is such an AWESOME graphic that I have to say that I found it from Pop-Culture Junkie…now whether or not it originated from there, I do not know, but I tried to give some credit. Awww!  My favorite mama is back, y’all!  Even Diddy had to recognize that that lady MAKES […]

Real World gal we love to hate Beth Stolarczyk- hitched and knocked up

UPDATE 9/5/08 3pm:  I had to shrink that picture of Beth because she annoys me THAT much.   I almost want to the delete the post…but I won’t.  Maybe I’ll go surf for someone that people hate, but I love to love and that’s Coral.  Ya, that’s the ticket. I guess Beth will be laying low […]