Archives for September 3, 2008

Which G do you want to win a hundred Gs?

Wow, it’s soooo nice to finally slow my life down and do things like watch my fav shows.  I just caught the last 2 episodes (as in most recent) of Gs to Gents.  Look at T-Jonessan winning that challenge and make his big turnaround in general!  Hai, hai, hai (hai=yes in Japanese for those who […]

woof! woof! = me likey the tv show "Greatest American Dog"

Awww, look at those adorable pooches in the pic above. I have secretly fallen in love with this show, even though I don’t think the reviews have been so great. I just like doggies and find the interaction between owner and pet intriguing.  My little poo poo would never make it past the first episode […]

Britney to open but not perform at VMAs

Awww, remember that Brittney?  Not a girl, not yet a woman. MTV has been flirting with us for weeks with their VMA trailers showcasing Brittney, and now they’ve just made the announcement official.  Brittney will be opening for the 25th annual VMA Awards.  Opening, yes.  Performing, no.  So what does that leave us with…her fine […]