MTV sends those privileged Super Sweet 16ers to ‘Exile’

I’m liking this show.  It reminds me of “The Simple Life” and I’m sure that was an inspiration for the show.  Sometimes, I wonder why I watch this stuff, but I find it interesting to see someone who has come from nothing but privilege come face to face with a life they’d never normally see…or even I would not otherwise see.

Good job, MTV!  I’m watching the one now when Ava gets sent to Thailand and lives with Ladee and her family.  Ladee was soooooo patient with Ava.

Here’s an excerpt of this episode (episode 2) summary from…

Although she has never lifted a finger, her parents have fed her insatiable appetite for the good life just the same. As a global studies major, Ava loves to travel and experience new cultures. She’s been to Third World countries … but always travels first class and stays in high-end hotels. Fed up, her mother thinks it’s time to rip the silver spoon out of Ava’s mouth. Yes, it’s time for Ava to roll up her sleeves … because she’s being Exiled!

I am curious about the kind of preparation MTV gives the host families prior to sending these spoiled, ungrateful brats in their homes, and I hope that they make some kind of financial contribution or something that doesn’t make me wonder if they’re exploiting the families nor their culture.


  1. irelandscotlant says:

    The MTV producers went all the way to Thailand and did not even film the Thai Culture. The Thai culture are of Malayan ancestry, wear sarongs and live in grass huts. The MTV producers just went with their cameras swinging and were obviously just as clueless about the country they were going to. The Karen tribe crossed the borders and are immigrants to Thailand and learn to build grass huts from the Thai culture. That’s like sending Ladee to live with a Mexican girl who’s family crossed the border to the U.S. dropping her off in east Los Angeles and saying that this is how all Americans live. All MTV had to do was drop Ava on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles where all the homeless Americans live in card board boxes to see real life. Skid Row is only 1 hour from Beverly hills. They did not even have to fly Ava to another country. All they had to do was drive her down the street to the other side of town. Why didn’t Ava’s family send her to Iran where they immigrated from. The parents still have an Iranian accent. Were they to ashame of their own culture? I know that alot of Iranians live in mud sand houses and I’m sure that the black head to toe covered robes that the women have to wear is not made by Gucci, Prada or Louis Vuitton.

  2. @irelandscotlant- i totally heart you!!!

    AWESOME reply! thanks for droppin’ some knowledge. well said.

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