The Hills, season4, ep2 is packed full o’ drama mates!

MTV might as well have skipped the dog and pony show that was episode 1 and cut right to this one.  I got all the nail biters I needed to keep me hooked for another season.   Spencer and his whole mafioso style family first speech number 1 cazillion.  The Audrina and Lo cat fight.  Kelly Cutrone fires Jessica and promotes Whitney launching her bi-coastal life at People’s Revolution (her job seems kind of sexy to me, i kinda want it, at least in concept).  Lauren continues to play the nice girl next door role of always being in the middle of why can’t we all just get along dramz.

I wish I could find a better picture of Lo’s jaw dropping moment when Spencer and Heidi show up to Stephanie’s party.  I just wanted to start tossing jelly beans in there or something because her jaw dropping gasp seemed to last so long.

Are ya watchin?

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