Since when did Daddy Yankee become McCain’s rollin’ buddy?

I had to clean out my ears and put my Tivo “pon de replay” a few times in order to ingest the news reporter on tv yesterday casually mention how John McCain and Daddy Yankee made an appearance together in Phoenix.

Look, this blog is not about politics, but when pop culture anomalies transcend into politics, I just gotta say something.  How the hell did those two ever get connected?  It’s just not believable to me.  Look at the picture.  No, really, look at it!

I can’t write about this anymore because it just feels so weird.  We’ll just sit and stare and see how long that love affair lasts.  Oh, and you can read lots of articles about it online, like this one from the NY Times blogs (

Dear VH-1,

If McCain loses the election, will you please put him and Daddy Yankee on your next season of The Surreal Life?  …and I’d like a pony, too.

Thank you.

~Ifelicious  😉


  1. wow…the republicans must be desperate to up their cool factor…and it’s not working….

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