Eminem’s in the studio, too!

I’m glad to know Eminem’s back in the studio, but I hope he comes out with something that is still him at the core but a different spin on what he’s done before.  I’m Haleyed out right now and I actually didn’t buy his last album because I felt his songs were getting to be too predictable and lacking inspiration.  So bring it this time, Eminem!  He’s my favorite artist to hate to.  When I’m angry and need a call to action or to put on my tough exterior during times that I feel vulnerable, Eminem does the trick.  Plus, I can karaoke the hell out of his songs (that’s an insider secret).  ;-)

Here’s a short article from Rap Basement

Bishop Lamont, Dr. Dre’s protege who often posts videos and songs online, is speaking up about Eminem. He recently talked to Entertainment Weekly where he said “Em is excited,” continuing “He’s been quiet too long, and he’s got a lot to get off his chest.” Eminem has been through a lot, like the death of his partner Proof of D12, as Bishop Lamont said “He went through what he had to go through, and now he’s been able to take all the pain and stress and put it out in his music.”

It’s been four years since Eminem dropped his last album, Encore, although we did have Curtain Call in 2005, which was simply a greatest hits collection. No release date has been announced for Eminem’s next album but his label says he’s currently at work in the studio. Bishop Lamont went on to say he’s heard “some amazing stuff” from Slim shady in recent recording sessions.

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