donde estan Fatty Koo?

I thought if maybe I tried the question in a different language, I would get a different result.

Why are these kids so hard to find?  At least throw me a press release announcing their breakup or their status.  Any relatives of Fatty Koo out there that can shed some light for the fans they left hangin?  Their myspace page hasn’t been touched since 2006, and my own posts are starting to be among the first when you do a search.

The engineer in me does not like unanswered questions.  I need closure!  Your fans need closure!

Holla at your girl, Ifelicious.

Eddie B, Marya, Valure, Gabrielle, Ron, Josh where y’all be?


  1. Takora K. says:

    I’m not sure if you’ve ever found anything or if you still care about finding the group but Bounce came on my iPod today & I thought what happened to them! I started to do a little search and found a little bit of info:
    I found Ron first. Apparently he’s back to singing as a Gospel artist and part of Sling Shot Music Group.
    Here is his Facebook fan page:
    His website which hasn’t been launched yet:
    The Facebook fan page of a duo he’s a part of:
    And his personal Facebook page:

    Through Ron I found Marya’s Personal Facebook Page:
    Not much there but some pictures and some statuses & things in Spanish. From what I can see it doesn’t look like she’s done much singing but has been dancing and is currently working at an Asian Restaurant called Haiku: Poetic Food & Art in Columbus, Ohio.
    Here’s her short lived series of Blogs:
    And her dancer profile:

    Once again through Ron I found Gabrielle’s personal Facebook page:
    Its been a while and I don’t really remember her too much so hopefully that’s actually her (she was friends with all the others so I assume so). No evidence that she’s still doing music herself but her listed employer is a music group. Didn’t find out much else about her.

    Apparently they all keep in touch because I found Eddie’s page too:
    The only thing you’ll get from there is 2 pictures but he has a MySpace page which has alot more on it. As of 2009 it looks like he got back into music & has a mixtape.
    Here’s his MySpace page:

    Rounding things up I found Josh’s page: (nothing there but some pics) but he’s back to singing as well!
    Here’s his Facebook fan page:
    His Twitter page:
    Lastly his Youtube account with some performances on it (Youtube searching his name brings up more)

    Last but not least Valure’s personal page:
    At first look I didn’t think it was her but alas it is. It looks like she had a couple songs a few years ago but that’s all I could find. The songs are on her MySpace page along with some pics:
    Here’s an interview she did back in 2010:

    Hope this gives you some of the closure you were looking for! I’m gonna go find out what happened to the members of Making the Band’s “Da Band” now lol

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