Blue crabs, Old Bay, good times, oh my!

I’m having a moment.  I have it every summer that I haven’t managed to make my way back home.


I used to have a crab feast every summer beginning my senior year in high school.  It was good times.  I’m not a big beer drinker, but I know the classic combo is crabs and beer.

Let’s go down Memory Lane, shall we?

How could I forget waking up at 5:30 in the morning with my dad or mom and driving out to the wholesale seafood market in Jessup (off 175 past that dead outlet mall) to buy a fresh bushel or two of tastey blue crabs?  I remember running around collecting newspaper which is the tradtional “tablecloth” of good blue crab eatin.  The mallets, nutcrakers for the divas out there but hard core crab eaters do it all by hand.

The car and patio smelling like ass of crab for days afterwards and all the flies that desperately flew around the garbage bags hoping for a morsel of yummy blue crab goodness.

My dad getting the steamer ready.  Smell of Old Bay seasoning in the air.  Chasing the loose crab or two that tried to make a run for it in our backyard (long way back to the Bay for those guys…little did they know).  It was good times.  Our crab feast became one of the prime events of the summer to catch up with friends and family.  Traditions, you know?  Gotta miss them sometimes.

What I wouldn’t do for a trip down to Gibby’s out in Timonium right now for their all you can eat crab night.  Or why did that place L’Osteria in Wilmington, DE change ownership.  To this day, my hubby and I talk about what a great hidden find that place was.  Off of Marsh Rd.  It was a house converted to an Italian restaurant and the owner at the time made THE BEST cream of crab soup ever!!! Yummy jumbo lumps, very light creme sauce, and he topped it off with brandy or some liquor which was the secret to it’s yumminess.  He used to stop over and talk to us (and the other patrons), be dazzled by my kinky twists that I got done by the Africans over in West Philly, and just talk shit.  I think he moved out to the shore or something, and the signature dish left with him.  🙁  Anybody know of his restaurant or what the former owner’s up to?

Send me MD blue crab stories so I can live vicariously through youz.

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