From Gs to I’m hooked…

I think this was the episode to get me hooked.  I’m now connecting with several of the cast and have my favs.  This episode on business savvy really caught my attention (remind me to put LL’s “Headsprung” on my myspace playlist…I keep getting reminded that that song is one of my jammie jams)

Hold up…there was a 5th season of The Apprentice?  I think I stopped watching after Omorosa.


I had to backspace and delete my comments after seeing the whole episode.  I can’t hate on that brutha.

“Artisses is artisses”

L to the O to the L!!!  I can’t remember who said that on the show, but it reminds me of Russ Parr’s morning show and how he kept playing that clip from an interview with (who was it y’all??).

Irv Gotti what!!!

I love how Creepa says “fo sho!”


you my boy now!  i’mma holla at you on myspace.


What the hell was the rap at the end??  Redo your braids.  The fuzz is cute…kinda…but your job on this show is grow into a gentleman.  Keep that shit tight, son!  Throw a doo rag on or somethin’!


I’m not sure you will overcome yourself on this show.  You need to be broken down and built back up on a whole nutha level than you can’t get on this show…like rehab.


my kindergarten crush is wearing off…


I know you’re problem with women…YOU DON’T WANT THEM!

I’m hatin’, I know, but it’s…jusss…commmm-edy!  😎


  1. yea, i laugh so hard when i watch this show. but it’s not funnier than i love new york. it’s sad that kesan had to go home because he needs to do some major anger management therapy. maybe the limo will drop him off at some anger management counseling center. actually, the way this show goes, it seems like no one is ready to go home, except for the asian dude that works in a lab. the show should end by dropping off the kicked off person at some sort of rehab center for whatever their issue is. also, bentley seems way more wack and personality deprived than i would have ever imagined. it’s almost like he’s not interested in the show?

  2. I had the most outrageous laugh watching the episode in which they had to each sushi. T Johns is like one big goofey (adorable, innocent). I hope he or Shotta wins.

  3. kESAN IS A KING~ he is the best and he shouldv’e stayed Creepa you are not a goon!!!! scary……… Kesan had a right to be mad… you always trying to pick on everyone and try to act all hard but dawg you sawft~~~~~ Kesan shouldv’e stayed… creepa you are not a gooon or anything ~

  4. Kesan has issues. Kesan is going to DIE one of those early, needless, stupid deaths unless he learns to check himself.

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