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DJs descend on DC for the Million DJ March

excerpt from… On Saturday, DJs from all over the country will gather on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., for the Million DJ March. The event will not only give them an opportunity to protest unfair compensation practices but will help DJs organize their businesses, sign up for health insurance, and learn about the […]

The Hills, season4, ep2 is packed full o’ drama mates!

MTV might as well have skipped the dog and pony show that was episode 1 and cut right to this one.  I got all the nail biters I needed to keep me hooked for another season.   Spencer and his whole mafioso style family first speech number 1 cazillion.  The Audrina and Lo cat fight.  Kelly […]

Since when did Daddy Yankee become McCain’s rollin’ buddy?

I had to clean out my ears and put my Tivo “pon de replay” a few times in order to ingest the news reporter on tv yesterday casually mention how John McCain and Daddy Yankee made an appearance together in Phoenix. Look, this blog is not about politics, but when pop culture anomalies transcend into […]

The Hills are alive! Season 4 now in session

Especially after spending last week in Orange County near Laguna and all of the dolled up faces, I realize that there is a substantial population that really lives the life I see on tv.  Must be nice! So The Hills Season 4 kickoff wasn’t much to brag about.  Lo doesn’t like Audrina and took the […]