Paige Hurd Sweet 16 festivities- the inside scoop

For those of you who have been following my posts on Paige Hurd, here’s a recap of her July 19, 2008 Sweet 16 birthday party in Los Angeles, California. This version is the play by play where you get to imagine what it was like if you were there yourself. If you’re not the type for play by play scenic detail, you might just want to skip down to The Entertainment section and read from there.

{quick side note 7/28/08…pssst! does anyone know what Paige’s shirt says?  i realized a moment ago that there’s something on there worth reading.}

The theme for this star studded event was “HollyHood” so props to Paige for keeping it fun and keeping it real. For those of you out there (I’m guessing of the non-brown ethnicities) who are smiling uncomfortably right now but really wondering what I mean (or Paige means) byHollyHood”, let me break it down for you Ifelicious style…that’s like an engineer for those of you who don’t know me by day.

Hollywood + Very Urban Neighborhood (AKA “Hood” or “Ghetto” as my girl Kimberly from RW Hollywood would say. lol!!!) = HollyHood

in the same way as

Flea Market + Rodeo Drive = Shabby Chic

You got it? Cool! Let’s continue…

Entering the Party

Celebs started out on BET’s black carpet for a chat and photo opp and then onto Paige’s own the red carpet for more chats and photo opps. Media outlets on the red carpet included:

  • Ben Lee Foster of Ben Foster Films
  • The Weekend Gamer
  • Eugenia Wright from EURWeb
  • Rych McCain Media
  • German Media
    and others…

After all the red carpet smiling and pretending that their shoes don’t hurt, celebs were ready to kick back. Not to fret, Paige and her awesome planning crew set up a glamorous sunken lounge area complete with a brick fire pit for guests to gather before entering the rest of the party space.

On the other side of the lounge was the dance floor and Raffle ticket table and display. CBS and Rock Productions own Price Baggett greeted all guests who opted to support Paige’s childrens cancer charity fundraising by purchasing $5 raffle tickets onsite or picked up raffle tickets for those who purchased them online via To the left of the raffle ticket purchase table was the display of all the raffle items to be won. Guests could chose which item they wanted to go into for a more specialized winning opportunity.

Peasants (<–that’s for PretyBoy Greg from RW!!!)…just kidding…

The rest of Paige’s very special guests, stepped to the red carpet where they were greeted by Brotherhood Entertainment and more than likely made their way directly to the good stuffthe food.

The Food supplied the ceremonial cupcakes that were served along with a host of other sweets…and sunflower seeds (keeping it HollyHood style whuh! whuh! …although I would’ve thrown some Cherry Now and Laters in the mix, but maybe that’s not how they roll out west). The infamous Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles served it up as well.

The Game Room

To the left of the dance floor was the game room where could play cards (Coca Cola), dominoes, checkersNBA/NFL 4 player video game and the . One of the special treats in the game room was the Nilo/Nouveau Nails machine (Thanks Julius!!!) that was there for guests to experience the special nail painting technology (fabulous!!!).

The Makeup Room

In front of the game room was the makeup room where everyone could go and get free makeup, their lips touched up or whatever they needed to make them fabulous! MCK makeup school provided 12 fabulous artists for this special room.

The Adults Only Lounge

On the other side of the dance floor was the relaxing adults lounge (ooh naughty!!! 😉 …jk) draped in black with clear vases filled with black crystal rocks, water and topped with a bloomed rose floating on top surrounded by red scented candles on each of the 10 tables. Rose petals covered the floor lounge (ooh even naughtier 😉 ) leading to the open bar where a 5 gallon chrome fountain flowed with green Carnivo XO liqueur. Wine and Coca Cola beverages were also available to the grown folks all night long. Leading out of the adult lounge were fabulous chair massages provided by Daniel’s staff at The Right Touch Massage (and yes they are mobile and will come to your job or where ever and they are FABULOUS!). Next to the massages, relaxing facials were being provided by Shay Wright with “A Beautiful You.”

The Entertainment

The dance floor was packed with everyone dancing to the tunes of DJ Tommy T. There was also the announcement of the charity raffle winners. Thanks to those of you who purchased tickets online, even if you could not attend. Among the 16 items raffled off were:

  • Zune players
  • T-Mobile Sidekick
  • Cruise to the Mexican Riviera
  • Spa massage package

Following the raffle, Lil B. Sure! began to sing to Paige as her 3 tiered marble cake topped with an Elmo figure (her favorite character these days) surrounded by 150 cupcakes each hand sculptured with Elmo faces created by Caroline of was presented to Paige all lit up. Al B Sure! (sighhh! he’s so dreamy) jumped in and sang happy birthday to Paige and then different friends began to pass the microphone around and sing their own renditions of Happy Birthday to Paige (awwww).

To her surprise a huge gift basket presented on behalf of Ideal PR was brought out to Paige overflowing with gifts including everything from a custom red Zune Player to various wardrobe ensembles from Luxire, Akademiks, and many more!!!!

Ain’t No Party Like A Paige Hurd Party

Paige thanked everyone for coming and directed the attention back to the elevated stage area where rappers Small Change took the stage and did a fantastic set including their song currently running on BET “Don’t Be Shy” from the soon to be released Disney film “Another Cinderella Story.” Now that the 3 adorable brother group Small Change got the crowd going, Yung Jonzon performed “Cars” and kept the crowd going. The performance continued with Steph Jones who also performed a hyped set. The night’s series of performances was capped off with Brotherhood Entertainment artist and son of Al B. Sure! Lil Al B performing a special set for Paige including “Throw Your Set Up.”

Hollywood “Mementos” (or per Da Hood “The Free Stuff”)

(choose your own vernacular, especially for reading your way this far down the post 🙂 you celeb gossip junkies you!)

At the end of the night celebrity guest were handed a red and white crystal encrusted Bling H2O water bottles with their Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles gift bags that Toi and Gem Celebrity handed out and filled with goodies ranging from Ambi and Omare beauty products, CD’s from Jive Records, Tee Shirts from G Unit and Luxirie, Baby Phat pens, Sports Cards from Justin Sports West.

Happy Birthday Paige! I hope your Sweet 16 was memorable. Muah! … ~Ifelicious

(details of this post provided courtesty of IdealPR)

update 7/29…i ran across a few additional posts on this event on

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  1. If anyone is interested in the sweets provided for Paige Hurd’s Sweet 16 or any other cakes, please contact me at

  2. @Caroline…thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. Your Elmo themed confections look yummy! I meant to put the hyperlink to your site in the part of my post where I mention your name. I’ll update that now.

  3. Thanks ifelicious..there is a typo on the should be, the “s” after caroline is missing, hence the link doesnt work. Thanks again.

  4. caroline, the link to your website has been corrected. thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  5. thanks…you guys are awesome!

  6. I tried but cant see it. What does her purple tank say?

  7. @lilkunta- there’s a bunch of different words when I click on the photo. top left of purple tank starts with “bling bling” then “player” other words on the tank include “danger coming” and then (because of her “sweet sixteen” purse and grocery bag) i can’t make out the full phrases on the rest of the shirt.

  8. PJ is so fine!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hey cr3w u guys are awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. jacquez says:

    paige hurd you are the most beatiful girl ive ever seen in my life i would like to have you as my friend you may not know me but if you want to ican give you my email addres and my # if u like i really like you as a friend like i said you are beautiful

  11. Adrionna says:

    I know her brother Brettis (Bret) Hurd he goes to my school(:

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