Aubrey O’Day is the new "Hey Mon!"

Remember the sketches from the show In Living Color called “Hey Mon”?  The hardest working Jamaican family that went by the name The Hedleys?  Oh man!  If you don’t remember or were just too young to catch it, you have to google that shit!  Here’s a youtube clip of one of the sketches.  They are HILARIOUS!

This is what came to mind as I watched Aubrey O’Day appear on TRL this afternoon.  She’s out there promoting her new role as Amber in the broadway musical Hairspray and her new clothing line called Heart On My Sleeve.  Of course, there’s the regular Danity Kane and Making the Band promos in the mix as well.  Damn!  How many jobs does this girl have?  Hence, the “Hey Mon” reference.

Now, a post from me about a girl that’s not really my style would not be complete without a dip in the pool of hatorade.  So here I go…eh-he-he-hem!  (that’s me clearing my throat)

Loved Aubrey from her initial appearances on Making the Band, but she has evolved into quite the diva now.  The “unitone” (made up word…i know…but i bet you know what i’m sayin’) hair color matches skin color thing she rocked on TRL today is not flattering to me.  I’m with Diddy on the hair extensions (i’m referring to a conversation from last season of Making the Band). Pretty much, I’m just saying that she was too much…and I do truly feel that Aubrey is beautiful in her own right.  Her face looked a bit stiff…botox?  a little trip to nip-tuck?  Whatever, it just seems like she was not at her best on TRL, and it kind of caught me off guard because I still keep looking for that sweet, sensitive, but strong willed Aubrey that I used to see. My how she’s grown right before our very eyes, and I’m just a bigger fan of early Aubrey, but maybe that was all camera edits.  She did give compliments to her makeup crew for glamming her up after a long night.  I’m sure they did what they could.

I’m hearing that she’s knockin’ ’em dead on broadway.  Post a comment if you’ve checked her out in Hairspray and let me know how she’s doing.  I totally heart that musical so hopefully she’ll do me proud.  “Good Morning Baltimore!!!”

Read about Aubrey in Hairspray –

Check out Aubrey’s new clothing line (for guys and gals) –

…and be on the lookout for Danity Kane’s next single “Bad Girl” produced by none other than the baddest m-f’er herself Missy Elliott.  Apparently, it parallels Aubrey from what she was saying on TRL.  Not sure if it’s a hit, but I haven’t bought their album this go round.  Maybe y’all can tell me what you think

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