Archives for July 16, 2008

Real World Hollywood Reunion…they so did not keep it real

It was all backpedaling and playing nice. Posers! I can’t bear to say anything more about the reunion episode. We all know what they were really thinking.  They’re worse than the people at my job…oops!…did I write that out loud?  😛 Ok, so I don’t know how to shut up so here’s a few sentences […]

I knew it! Once a Dick always a Dick. Perve, druggie Andy Dick in jail.

Again, I wonder why the need for MTV to associate with this freak of nature? I was wanting to believe that maybe he had sobered up. And did anyone ever think he was funny? The former co-star of the TV sitcom “NewsRadio” was released from a detention center after posting $5,000 bail. Calls to his […]

RW 20 Hollywood final episode- All mediocre things MUST come to an end

Yes, my friends, all mediocre things must come to an end. I watched this season in its entirety, conflicted the entire time, threatening to boycott, realizing my own addiction which I prefer to refer as dedication to the show.