Coming Soon! Ifelicious interview with Mikey P from G’s to Gents and Jersey hip-pop group DaCav5

UPDATE 7/23/08 interview now online!!! Up close and personal with From G’s to Gents and DaCav5’s Mikey P

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Mikey P from DaCav5 and From Gs to Gents

Got questions for Mikey P? Leave a comment on this post to get your questions in.

Your girl Ifelicious will be talking to the one and only Mikey P from dirty Jersey based “hip-pop” group DaCav5. He’ll be on the upcoming MTV reality show “From G’s to Gents” which I can only imagine is inspired by MTV’s sister station VH1’s “Charm School”…hosted by mo’ sassy, mo’ classy Mo’Nique. This one will be hosted by the one and only Fonzworth Bentley who I miss from the first season of Diddy’s “Making the Band” on MTV. Jamie Foxx is the brains behind the show, and I’m definitely excited to check it out. Now, I’m even more geeked to chat with one of the cast members…and he’s HOT!!!

DaCav5 as described on their myspace page…

The group is the future of Top 40 hip-hop, inspired by a wide array of musical and cultural influence. DaCav5 redefines hip-hop, with an eclectic flavor that provides one united voice for the patchwork of American Culture. the product is a rock-star swagger, combined with animated delivery, and a high-energy stage presence. The image is polished and marketable. The performance is high-energy and charismatic. DaCav5 is music’s tomorrow…

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