Fire alarm at Webster Hall…and my fantasy

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If there happens to be a reader out there that bumps across my blog (or better yet reads my blog AND likes to go clubbing at Webster Hall), who knows the story behind the fire alarm ordeal on Thursday night June 26, 2008 at Webster Hall in New York City, will you hit me back with a comment?

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My sister and I arrived like 15 minutes before it sounded, navigated our way to the bar, threw down 23 bucks plus tip on our first round of drinks then got ushered out, drinks in hand, when the fire alarm went off. The drinks were quickly taken from us, and we stood outside completely perplexed by the whole thing and mad as hell that the drinks that barely touched our lips were taken away with no drink comp (I know…I’m probably asking too much of a NY nightclub, but still…).

It could have been as benign as someone pulling it or some kind of drill (which they would have failed miserably) or maybe something “minorly fire-ish” really did happen. I just don’t know.

Fire trucks and police did arrive, but they never fully evacuated the club (something I thought would require a monumental feat anyway) and while they were forbidding us to go back in they were letting people from the street into the club. It made no sense as a crowd of us kept being told to stay off the sidewalk and had to hang out across the street or in the makeshift smoking area while there were people on the sidewalk in line and getting into the club.

Find me a bouncer or someone who can make sense of this random fiasco for me.

Thank our lucky stars, we did get back in, but in an odd way (we were ushered back as the bouncer told the guy at the door we were outside for a smoke break…whatever….go with the flow). Plus, it was ladies night so we got in free anyway.

dancer at webster hall

After that, it was an awesome night, and my good old club standby for what must be like 10 years now did not fail to deliver the fun as I introduced another generation of my family to my favorite nightclub.

If you’re ever in town and like to experience the NY club scene, it’s always a hoot. And you have to go downstairs to the hip-hop and reggae room AKA sweat box (our clothes were soaking wet) and free dry humps from horny but often hot guys. 😎

pssst! I have a secret…

I’ve had this dream for years of being a go-go dancer at a nightclub like Webster Hall. I just think it’s so cool and sensual and fun. Maybe one day I could just do it for a night. Definitely maybe. I’ll add it to my life list.

…sigh!…I just totally heart new york nightclubs…


  1. thanks for the kind words
    live your dream! just so happens we need go go dancers – send us a resume/pics!

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