Archives for June 18, 2008

I am mourning the end of Weeds theme song "Little Boxes"

As, I’ve mentioned before, I love that song “Little Boxes” from the showtime tv series Weeds.  I’m reading a few articles and blog posts that are saying that season 4, episode 1 is the last time I’ll hear the song as the show’s intro.  Yep, I’m resistant to change.  I even hated that they started […]

Weeds season 4, ep1 gets an "eh" from me, what about you?

When I say “eh” I mean neither here nor there.  First of all, I’m really bad at remembering show or movie details so it took me a minute to remember all that was going on at the end of last season.  I mean I remembered the big stuff…anywayzzz. I feel like the first episode didn’t […]