Weeds Season 4 coming up on Monday

I can’t wait for the Showtime series Weeds to resume this coming Monday.  The first season was so-so, then things picked up during seasons 2 and 3.  This became my replacement show for Huff which to this day angers me that it was cancelled and at such a pivotal moment in the storyline.  I still want closure!

Anyhooz, here’s what tv.ign.com says about this coming season…

What’s cable’s No. 1 pot dealer to do when her cozy suburban enclave burns to the ground, taking her clients and stash along with it? What else? Pack up and move on. With the embers of Agrestic smoldering in her rearview mirror, Nancy & Co. relocate to the fictional beach town of Ren Mar on the San Diego/Mexico border to set up shop with a new front biz that’s… pregnant with possibilities. With the help of her old friends and new partner Guillermo, Nancy will get even deeper in the shadier side of dealing — on both sides of the border. She’s savvy and has earned her stripes in the business, but the new, un-chartered terrain ramps up the risk with every transaction. While there’s a whole new look, new locale, new friends and even a new love interest, the patented Weedsdark humor that the country and critics have grown to love over the past three seasons stays true to form.

Things should get exciting as they set up shop in a whole new area.  I’m just wondering how far they’ll take Nancy’s character.  I guess I’ve got to tune in to find out.  She and Conrad need to go ahead and make it official, but I guess that might not happen if it throws off the storyline.  They’re interaction is HOT!

So, if you have not caught onto this show yet, go get the earlier seasons and catch up, people!

BTW…I have the original “Little Boxes” song as my ringtone.  It always weirds people out, and for some reason, it seems like no one around here has even heard of the show Weeds.  Ohio…hmmpff!


  1. SolidMastery says:

    I dont know dude.
    Black dude is done for season 4.
    As well as a other characters that made the show move.
    We shall see, B.

    But the one to watch is Dexter.
    I could explain it but res ipsa loquitur…watch it everybody. The writing is far from text-book.

    BTW Pete Seeger… genius!!!!!

  2. My hubby LOVES that show Dexter. He’s literally glued to the television when it’s on (meaning I’m not allowed to talk to him when he’s watching). Naturally, I’m curious, but he thinks the serial killer thing would freak me out a bit. I still might start watching it to see what the hype’s about.

    For now, I’m happy to see Weeds.

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