From Laguna Beach to The Hills to so much more

Check this from the LA Times…

The Hills Spin-Offs By Denise Martin, Special to The Times MTV announced that it’s green-lighted “Bromance,” a six-episode series in which a group of guys compete for a chance at being bros with “The Hills” star Brody Jenner.Last week, it was reported that the network was developing a show with Lauren Conrad’s sidekick Whitney Port that would follow her as she becomes a bicoastal employee for Kelly Cutrone’s fashion firm People’s Revolution.

Ok, Brody’s show sounds like a recipe for whackness.   The one with Whitney, however, has some potential.  It’s a good come out opportunity for her, like Lauren needed to break away from Kristin on Laguna Beach.    




So, no talk in this article about a “Speidi” spin-off.  Hmmm…


  1. i had to give up trying to watch Bromance after a few minutes, it’s ridiculously awkward

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