Lindsay Lohan demoted to the D list on Ugly Betty

I remember reading that Lindsay Lohan was supposed to make an appearance on the Ugly Betty season finale (which was okish by the way), but I didn’t expect to take that so literally.  I mean the best thing they could come up with was putting her in some Ugly Betty flashback??  Lindsay, darling, you need to talk to your people because appearances like that pretty much solidify your position on the D-List.  I mean…really…what’s next for you, Dear?  A guest appearance on Kathy Griffin’s reality show on Bravo?  Boy, would that be the butt of many Kathy Griffin jokes to come full circle.  I’d just like to see it happen anyway.

I guess it takes baby steps to come back from a fall from grace.  I did love you in Mean Girls and your 30 seconds of fame in some flashback scenario on Ugly Betty was slightly reminiscent of your former 90 minutes of fame in that movie…ouch!…Did I say that? (you have to imagine me in my Erkel voice)…I guess that was my hater instincts coming out.  You know us women suffer from it as much as we deny it.  ;-P

So, if you saw the show, what did you think about Lindsay’s debut?

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