American Idol finale, operation shock and awe

I admit that David Archuleta is my little adolescent crush.  He makes me want to get braces and bounce around singing into my brush in the mirror as posters from those little young trash magazine centerfolds of Archuleta are plastered all over my wall.  He can woo anyone into thinking his talent is exponentially greater than his age (geek moment…sorry), but that’s all you need in show business.  He is good, really good, and I know he’ll go far.  This is more splitting hairs with conflicting genres in the middle so it’s bit of an apples and oranges thing.

So my “expert” opinion from watching the Dave’s duel was that David Cook really did a good job and got wronged by Simon who had to apologize on the finale.  At least he was man enough to do that.  Honestly, I was worried that Simon was essentially biasing the voters with his harsh criticism of Cook.

BTW…the whole positioning this as some boxing match theme was a cute idea but not believable for the David’s.  It was more of a pussy match (ok, I could’ve said wussy if that sounds less raw to you) than a pissing match.

As we all held our breath awaiting for Ryan Seacrest to insert the direct object into his final sentence, I leaned over to my hubby and gave my verdict.  I thought Archuleta would win but I felt that Cook really should win.

Who would’ve thunk that the viewing voters saw things the same way?  Congrats David Cook!  David Archuleta, don’t let your dad be your manager, leave Utah, and get your Nickelodeon on!

This was much more memorable than last year.  Who was it that one?  I forgot his name already, let me google it.  That guy with the nervous ticks disguised a soulful moves…wait it was 2 seasons ago!  Taylor Hicks.  Duh!  How could I forget sweet Jordin Sparks from last year.  David Archuleta has the same potential as Jordin…until he comes out of the closet…LOL!  I’ve been slacking on my Perez Hilton reading (brings back some totally unrelated but unpleasant memories of my first year here in Columbus), but I can only imagine he’s all over fueling the rumor mill with such insinuations.

Well, fellas, shake hands and call the match a tie so you don’t hurt each other’s feelings while we all know it was statistical knockout.  I’ll catch you when the tour hits Columbus…actually, no I won’t, but it sounds nice to end on a sentence like that.

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