The Hills ep27…Girls will be girls

I just watched the latest episode of The Hills on my dvr. Poor Audrina. Girls have a evil cutting way of letting you know that they don’t like you. Lo just popped up out of nowhere this season (well, not really nowhere, but you know what i mean) and became a visible regular buddy of LC.  She’s the one who seems to be driving an unnecessary wedge between LC and Audrina’s relationship.  Granted, it’s not hard to do since Audrina has rekindled her relationship with Justin…who looks WAY better this season by the way…clearly he did have some kind of drinking problem (I think that’s what it was) but I don’t recall hearing about it explicitly on the show until this season.  Plus, she started seeing Heidi again, but that seemed to last no more than 2 episodes AND it was after they revealed LC and Stephanie were friends…or at least friendly.

At least, LC has not shown an obvious preference for one or the other, but I guess she’s going to have to do something on the finale.  Lo is just being mean and hurtful.  Like, the whole getting a puppy without Audrina and then making sure to mention that the puppy will have 2 mommies as if Audrina did not live there.  I feel if one of my friends was being that malicious towards another of my friends that I would likely move away from the friend causing the drama.  You can decide you don’t like someone and be mature about it.  The eye rolling and backstabbing is so annoying, but us girls do it best.  I’m glad they’ve discovered that female bullying (yes, I get it’s not to extent on the show, but hear me out) is arguable more damaging than male bullying.

I hope they can all work it out, assuming this is somewhat real and not 100% scripted…although it might be.  Who knows if Audrina’s apartment hunting means anything more than giving herself a back door in case this friend stuff gets ugly.

As for the Heidi drama, it really didn’t seem worth mentioning.  I buy into the notion that this whole “breakup” between Heidi and Spencer is scripted and I know they’re going to be together in the end.  Why else would we be hearing about them vying for their own show following through their wedding planning?

Does Spencer, or any of the guys for that matter, have a job?  How come they never talk about work or at least imply that they work?  I guess if my dad were some rich dentist then maybe I’d have options.

MTV’s Remote Control Blog for The Hills is pretty neat.  You should check it out if you haven’t already.

BTW, has anyone started watching The Paper?  I’ve been meaning to start watching it, but I never think about it until I see a few seconds of it after The Hills goes off (my dvr records until 2 min after the show ends).  It seems like a show I’d like.

I was going to post some pics, but I found the ones on Pink Is The New Blog that have markups are much  more entertaining.

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