Diddy jumps back on the gravy train with the release of Donnie’s new single

Oooh Donnie! I’m such a fan of him since we were introduced on Making the Band seasons 4 and 5. His album is the one album that I have been waiting to come out of Diddy’s camp. I had to start checking around the net when I heard the single Take You There on my satellite radio the other day. It’s definitely hot!

What I like about Donnie, at least what I’ve been exposed to on tv, is how grounded he seems to be. It was nice to watch him process his growing fame from his perch out i donnie n the land of surreal. Aubrey kind of had that way about her prior to Danity Kane “blowing up” (that is certainly a relative term) and even launched herself on a campaign to become Donnie’s front seat groupie. He’s the nice guy with feelings and passion and will even shed a tear as we’ve seen on season 4. It adds to Donnie’s charm and sex appeal. Plus, it’s just the sobering compliment I think Diddy needs to jump back on the gravy train that he’s been waiting like a dog in heat to mount again.

In just a few weeks, Donnie will be on tour with the rest of the Making the Band troupe- Day 26 and Danity Kane. I’m looking at the tour schedule, and it doesn’t seem very large nor does it include a stop in Columbus, OH. I guess I’ll have to just wait until his album drops. By the sound of his new single “Take You There” (which needs another title, by the way, because I can’t get the Akon song out of my head right now) he is definitely delivering as promised. I’m sure that Diddy has pulled out all the stops for his latest cash cow. We caught a glimpse of that on season 5 when Diddy brought in the eccentric producer Seven to help Donnie churn out some hits and the fact that Diddy has us chomping at the bit awaiting the release of Donnie’s album.

Well, Donnie, take ME there. I can just see you becoming the next IT boy on TRL. Just stay the way you are, and don’t get all hood rich on us.

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