Interview with young actress Paige Hurd coming soon!

actress Paige Hurd You most likely recognize her as “Tasha” from the show Everybody Hates Chris airing on CW. She is the girl whose affections Chris just can’t quite win over. I’ll be checking to learn more about what’s she currently doing and more!

You can check back here to find a link to my posted article, when it’s been published, or just keep checking back and enjoying my other posts in the meantime.

Also, if there’s anything you want to know about Paige, add a comment with your question(s).

Stay tuned!

update 5/29/08… I spoke with Paige a couple of weeks ago should be posting my interview within the next few weeks. There are some details that I’m awaiting before sharing this exciting interview. She’s truly a bright, young gal, and I hope she has a long and healthy career.

*** UPDATE 6/27/08 ***

Here’s some fresh news regarding Paige Hurd’s Sweet 16 birthday party festivities. Check out my latest post for details:

*** UPDATE 7/1/08 ***

Click HERE to read the interview.


  1. yeah, wanted to know why she and al b sure keep saying they are father and daughter. i know her real dad wassup with that?

  2. @Laura…I don’t know, but I’ll certainly get an answer for you…

  3. @Laura…Al B. Sure! is Paige’s godfather. If you saw or heard rumors that Paige refers to Al B. Sure! as her father, it is only meant in a lighthearted way and not disowning her own father.

  4. oh my did anyone see paige’s myspace.
    that young innocent looking girl cursing up a storm.
    wow who knew

  5. @Lena…It’s fake. There are several fake myspace pages out there from people pretending to be Paige Hurd. She has a authentic myspace page but it is not being made publicly known at this time.

  6. but its only 4 ppl she knows [liike me]..but if u wanna tlk 2 her add her fanpage run by her

  7. I liked her on everybody hates Chris
    llllllllloooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeeee it

  8. hey paige im paige harvey and my mom says i look just like you anyway i love the show everybody hates chris because chris has a big crush on you and you dont know it and peachez is so hilarius i think you should really go out with chris in life real life i know i would.

  9. She Was In Never Let You Go Video With Justin Bieber As His Girl

  10. oi sou do brasil, aqui todos nos amamos a paige hurd

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