Just a spoonful of sugar did not keep Brooke White off the chopping block

Oh, Julie Andrews…oops! I mean Brooke dear, what will you do now? I’ll miss my weekly entertainment from Brooke on American Idol. She was one of the contestants I secretly rooted for and openly made fun of. I mean, she’s a nanny, hence my reference back to Mary Poppins. Brooke was my Mary Poppins. How much more American can you get than that?…other than the fact that it takes place in London! hee-hee!

She always seemed to want to calm the crowd, give them some milk and cookies, and tuck them into bed with her constant “it’s ok. it’s ok.” when the crowd reacted to the judges. She even mouthed “it’s ok” when she got the boot. I wish I had a clip of just that line and how many times she said it. Brooke was just a little cutey pie. I liked her folksey sound and her fragile rawness…if those two words can be put together.

Brooke, keep making us feel good and don’t fall prey to the trappings that you have to look like a slut in order to sell records. I’ll be on the lookout for your album.

BTW…I’m actually liking Ruben Studdard’s song “Celebrate Me Home”. Hopefully, some record company has recently or will soon scoop him up again because he can really sing. He’s still that velvet teddy bear. What the hell happened with him? He seemed to disappear.

My last remaining cutey pie is David Archuleta. He doesn’t even have to mouth a word before I start going “awwwww…” He just can do no wrong. He’s what Jordin Sparks was to me last season.

Well, we’re down the the final four. Let’s see how it all unfolds. Frankly, I’m not such a huge fan of Am Idol but I do tend to watch when they get down to the top 10 or so. That’s when the real talent, for the most part, is left and I get to enjoy all the talent duking it out for first place.

Meanwhile, I think I’m going to have to google places to buy the soundtrack to the musical Mary Poppins “um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ay…because i was afraid to speak when I was such a lad…supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. I’m so wanting to have a sing along moment right now. 🙂

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