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I was accidentally right about Brianna on Real World Hollywood- ep3

When I wrote my last post about the show “Oh! No she didn’t…Kimberly crossed the line on Real World Hollywood ep2“, I had no clue that I was stereotyping Brianna accurately as I joked how she should run with Kimberly’s prejudices. I knew Brianna got pregnant and presumably had an abortion at age 19, but […]

Just a spoonful of sugar did not keep Brooke White off the chopping block

Oh, Julie Andrews…oops! I mean Brooke dear, what will you do now? I’ll miss my weekly entertainment from Brooke on American Idol. She was one of the contestants I secretly rooted for and openly made fun of. I mean, she’s a nanny, hence my reference back to Mary Poppins. Brooke was my Mary Poppins. How […]