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American Idol finale, operation shock and awe

I admit that David Archuleta is my little adolescent crush.  He makes me want to get braces and bounce around singing into my brush in the mirror as posters from those little young trash magazine centerfolds of Archuleta are plastered all over my wall.  He can woo anyone into thinking his talent is exponentially greater […]

I’ve been duped or am in denial…Real World…why hast thou foresaken me?

Ok, do I sound like some heathen rollin’ into church on Sunday morning after driving my one night stand home or what?… but I soooo want this season of the Real World to be something more than meets the eye.  Unfortunately, my eyes see what my eyes see.  If it walks like a duck, talks […]

Lindsay Lohan demoted to the D list on Ugly Betty

I remember reading that Lindsay Lohan was supposed to make an appearance on the Ugly Betty season finale (which was okish by the way), but I didn’t expect to take that so literally.  I mean the best thing they could come up with was putting her in some Ugly Betty flashback??  Lindsay, darling, you need to talk […]

Sex and the City movie premiere too long after series finale?

Who’s excited about the Sex and the City movie premiere?

The Hills ep27…Girls will be girls

I just watched the latest episode of The Hills on my dvr. Poor Audrina. Girls have a evil cutting way of letting you know that they don’t like you. Lo just popped up out of nowhere this season (well, not really nowhere, but you know what i mean) and became a visible regular buddy of […]