Archives for April 16, 2008

Rock The Cradle, Lil B. Sure: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Lil B. Sure! Son of the sexy singer Al S. Sure! Is proving to the world he can step outside of his father’s shadow…currently one of the contestants on MTV’s “Rock The Cradle,” an “American Idol” for celebrity kids. Lil B. will tell you that music is his top passion and love, right after his love for his mother and his family.

Will Heidi upstage LC on her own show?

I’m still Team LC, but I’m happy to see Heidi grow some balls to go with her boob job and mediocre voice. 😉 I’m such a hater, I know. I do think she’s prettier than Lauren. Ouch! That hurt to come out of my mouth. Does that help you silly Heidi fanatics? And it hurts even more to say that I think Heidi might actually upstage Lauryn on her own show. Her bitchy” backstabbingness” is kind of winning me over. Lauryn plays the victim a lot, and I’d like to see the show show (that was weird) more of her confident, does her own thing side.